Back to School: A Week in My Style

Hello lovelies! Like many of you out there, this past week was my first week back to school – my third year of university. All new classes, all new people, some new profs, basically I was nervous and I wanted to try and look my best the whole week. I mean, what if I met someone new, I didn’t want to look like a sewer rat. So, I thought I would share with you guys what my first week back to school outfits were. (P.S. this is basically my style throughout the whole year as well, maybe add in a few extra days where all I wear is leggings though). Lets get into it!

bts 2bts 10bts

My first day of school, naturally I would have an 8:30 class, so I had to do everything I could the night before to ensure I could sleep as long as possible…which meant braiding my hair so I wouldn’t have to deal with it in the morning. The powder blue shirt I am wearing is from Old Navy along with my well-worn flowered shoes. And my white bralette and jeans are both from American Eagle. As far as first day of school outfits go, I would say this one was great because it was loose and not too warm when my classrooms were literally 1000 degrees. Also, my necklace was a gift so I am not sure where it is from, and I don’t think you can see it in any of these pictures, but I am also wearing a wire bent ring in the shape of a treble clef that was from a local market.

bts 4bts 5

Day two I had only one class and it wasn’t until 2:30 so I had plenty of time to get ready. It was a lot colder this day than the day before so I decided on the same American Eagle jeans (*gasps* I wore the same pair of jeans two days in a row) with a thin sweater from Hollister and my mom’s scarf that I think came from Urban Planet. My tank top under my sweater is from H&M and my very swish shoes are from Payless. Fun fact; my mom hates these shoes, but I am so in love with them. Another fun fact; after I took the time to actually curl my hair with a wand and do my full face of makeup, my only class for the day was cancelled and so were my evening plans. So I stayed home and did some homework instead haha.

bts 12

The next day I once again had class at 8:30, but this time I was also sick because I caught my dad’s cold. However, I tried my best to act not sick for this picture and still managed to look like a somewhat functioning human being. My favourite sweater is very clearly from Pink haha, and my black jeans are from Hollister. Though you can’t really see the front of my hat it says Oakley, and my (NEW-not my old smelly ones anymore) black flats are from Walmart. Also, my curls are second day because I swear I did not go to all that work to curl my hair for nothing.

bts 6bts 7bts 8bts 9

This is kind of cheating because this is the same day as the above outfit, BUT in my defense there were only 4 school days this week and I wanted to give you 5 full days of outfits. So this was my going out outfit for a pub night at my school. It was the first big event of the year at our school, the annual Mardi Gras pub, and my friend was beyond pumped so even though I was sick as Hell, I got dragged along. We got a lil fancied up and I touched up my curls and threw on some red lipstick and we were set. My crop top is from Forever 21, jeans are again from American Eagle (I just love their jeans) and my oxford flats as you already know, are from Payless. Oh, and the mirror is from my friends room where we got ready (lol).

bts 11bts 3

Finally, TGIF! So I will admit, I sort of dropped the ball on Friday’s outfit game and I kind of look homeless. But to be fair, I was out late Thursday night at the pub, I had class Friday morning and I was sick. Bonus though: my 3 hour class got shortened to only one hour so I was a very happy little clam. Anyways, I decided to wear leggings that I got in a package of two at Costco for 12$ (I bloody love Costco), the same lace bralette from American Eagle, and an extraordinarily comfy and oversized top from American Eagle. My black flats again are from Walmart, and here you can properly see my Oakley hat which is very well loved. Also, the fake nails I wore all week are a brand called imPRESS nails. They are stick on nails but they actually last a really long time and you can buy them at any drugstore.

So there you have it, a week in my style for the first week back to classes. Let me know how your first week of classes went and what your back to school style is like. And now if you will excuse me I have quite a lot of readings to do because why wouldn’t I already have homework?


Love always,



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